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WILMINGTON — The Board of Selectmen’s communications from their meeting on Monday night pertained to ongoing is­sues including building projects, railroad crossings, winter recovery as­sistance, and more.

The first memo came from Selectman Kevin Caira with updates on the committee working on the new town hall and school administration building. He explained that they’d considered space allocations for WCTV and school admin along with room for future growth in storage areas.

They also received the results of a wetlands survey and kept the building proposals at least 25 feet away from the intermittent stream near the property. The OPM for the pro­ject proposed holding a community forum in June for feedback.

Town Manager Jeff Hull reported to the board that the MBTA had submitted information for the Fed­eral Transit Administra­tion on the proposed new platform at North Wil­mington, which would take about 10 months excluding the winter season if greenlit. Keolis also shared up­dates with Hull that they repaired most of the signals and started replacing sections of the tracks.

Hull’s other communication to the board regarded the adoption of MUNIS starting with department invoices. He went through memos on the town’s subsidized housing inventory needing review by Di­rec­tor of Planning and Con­servation Valerie Ging­rich, lifeguards for the town beach, the Tree City USA designation, and one from Operations Manager Jame Magaldi on vegetation management herbicide spraying.

The town had been awar­ded over $322,000 in a letter from Governor Charlie Baker for infrastructure winter recovery assistance, which they would be using to repave Ford­ham Road. There was also an announcement for the Board of Appeals hearing concerning the proposed property on 100-104 West St. on May 25 at 7 p.m.

The Committee Chair of Boy Scout Troop 322, John Bushway, wrote to the board letting them know that Wilmington resident Cyrus Paul Rich earned his Eagle Scout achievement. Hull reminded the board how Rich had done work for the town at the Harnden Tavern.

The board voted in favor of executing the agreement with MassDOT for the replacement bridge over the MBTA tracks. Hull also mentioned that the $9.6 million project would begin next summer.

They then approved executing the Massachusetts housing partnership technical assistance application for 100 West Street LLC, where the corporation would receive consulting services up to $15,000.

Per Town Meeting ap­proval, they also approved signing the deed for the sale of town-owned land on Aldrich Road with a bid for $25,025 which would go into the capital stabilization fund.

There were two space requests made that night for the WHS Senior BBQ on June 2 on the Swain Green and the 8th grade moving on ceremony on June 16 on the town common, both of which were approved.

The next item was to con­sider changing the title of the board as a result of the approval of changing references in various legal documents to “Select Board.” Hull shared that town council noted that legal documents would still need to read ‘Board of Selectmen’ until all of the necessary approvals go through for the name change.

Newly designated Chair Judy O’Connell said that she’d like to be cognizant of the legal opinion on the matter. Lilia Maselli made a motion to have the name changed only informally.

Further discussion suggested that no action was necessary in order to start calling it the Select Board in person and not in writing, so Maselli rescinded her motion and the board voted to take no action.

In new business, the board members asked for updates from the town manager via the chair. Gary DePalma asked about applications for ice cream truck licenses. Bendel re­quested a memo on the ex­penditures of ARPA funds and the remaining amount.

He also suggested that the board discuss committee appointments and try to set an expectation where they would annually ask these volunteers if they want to continue.

In response, Hull asked for clarification on what he could provide. Bendel proposed sending a letter to the committee’s ap­pointees once a year asking if they want to continue to serve, with the in­tention to have more discussion on how to establish year-long commitments.

“I think it might be attractive,” he said.

The board mentioned that they would need to distinguish between some committees which have time limits, like the Ice Rink Committee, compared to those that don’t, like the Inhabi­tant By-Law Committee.

Caira asked for an up­date on the bathroom fa­cilities at Yentile Farms and the recent incident at the high school. O’Con­nell mentioned that they’d all received a memo from the district attorney’s office that the investigation of the high school incident con­clu­ded, but there was only so much that they could say publicly.

The Salute to Service honoring a New Hamp­shire Air National Guard veteran and Wilmington resident was the final item.

The next board meeting will be on May 23 at 7 p.m.

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