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WILMINGTON — Hallow­een is just around the corner, and many worry that it will look a lot different this year, due to the CO­VID-19 pandemic still on­going. However, with adher­ence to the CDC guidelines, Wilmington is doing what they can to have a fun and safe Halloween once again.

The Wilmington Recrea­tion Department was able to answer a few questions regarding Halloween of 2020.

Karen Campbell, Recrea­tion Director, commented that they “don’t dictate trick or treating.”

However, her department had spoken to the Board of Health, particularly Direc­tor of Public Health Shelly Newhouse, and they deem­ed that “trick or treating could be a safe activity, so long as people follow proper guidelines, such as hand sanitizing, only going to hou­ses you know, wear face masks, and socially distance.”

Trick or treating for the Town of Wilmington is still open for residents to partake in if they choose to do so, as long as they are heal­thy, feel safe, and follow proper guidelines.

Campbell additionally said that Halloween “is on Saturday this year,” noting that other towns had push­ed back their Halloween dates. She advised that most people trick or treat between the hours of 6 - 8 p.m.

In terms of Wilmington’s annual Horribles Parade, that has been cancelled for the year 2020.

According to Campbell, “this is not the year to be gathering thousands of people together at once.”

Additionally, Starbucks at Wilmington Crossing will be open for trick or treat­ers on Oct. 31 this year from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m.

In a statement, Star­bucks said, “Candy will be placed in a bag with clean, sanitized gloved hands and sealed. Gloved and mask­ed baristas will be there to greet and give out goodie bags.”

Starbucks is located at 271 Main St. in Wilming­ton.

For teenage residents, or anyone looking for a good scare, the popular Witch’s Woods attraction opened up on Oct. 2, and is open for frights while still following proper CDC guidelines. Tickets are being sold online and in advance only. Parties are limited to 10 people and guests are given 30 minutes to ex­plore the Woods and all of its attractions. Witch’s Woods can be located at the Nashoba Valley Ski Area.

Despite everything that has been happening this year, Wilmington and its surrounding areas are do­ing everything they can to ensure that Hal­low­een is celebrated in an enjoyable and safe way. Halloween in Wilming­ton is being ob­served on Oct. 31 this year.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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