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WILMINGTON — In spite of the interruption cause by the coronavirus pandemic, the Wilmington School Committee is in the process of completing a year-end evaluation for Superintendent of Schools Glenn Brand. The pros­pect of the evaluation was discussed at a School Com­mittee meeting on May 13.

At the beginning of the school year, Brand had been tasked with providing the committee with one professional practice goal, one student learning goal, two to four district im­provement goals, and six to eight aligned indicator goals, in accordance with state frameworks for su­perintendent evaluation.

According to Brand, some of the initial goals were not met due to the disruption to the normal school year.

“This report is different than what I had envision­ed in August, given the significant or abrupt pause that we had,” Brand said.

He noted that he had done his best to specify exactly how the disruption had affected goal achievement.

“I tried to be honest in capturing that through that one document,” he said, referring to a public document provided to the School Committee detailing the original goals.

Committee member Da­vid Ragsdale asked how to committee would account for the disruption in the evaluation process.

Committee Chair Jenni­fer Bryson noted that much of the evaluation could take place within the existing framework.

“I think that there are ways to incorporate the work that has happened in the past few months using the overall rubric,” Bryson said.

Brand noted that the committee could discuss with legal counsel or the Massachusetts Associa­tion of School Committees (MASC) how best to roll over goals into the following year, while still maintaining standards for the current year’s evaluation.

Committee member M.J. Byrnes added that there was a mechanism for committee members to expand upon the unique circumstance in the existing evaluation process.

“There is a summative general comment area on these evaluations, where one could really elaborate as much as one would like to,” Byrnes noted.

According to Bryson, the subcommittee to discuss the process by which evaluations would be completed and collected would be meeting on Friday, May 15.

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