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WILMINGTON — Town Manager Jeff Hull briefed the Board of Selectmen on a June 11 conference call re­garding the North Wilming­ton MBTA station. The station has been a point of concern among town emergen­cy officials for some time, as the train often blocks Mid­dlesex Avenue as it slows or stops to pick up or drop off passengers.

Hull stated that the conference call also included Sel­ectman Kevin Caira, acting Police Chief Joe Desmond, and Fire Chief Joe McMa­hon, in addition to members of the MBTA and members of the town’s legislative delegation.

“It’s pretty clear that the long term permanent fix is going to be more expensive and take far greater time than we really feel is appropriate at this point,” said Hull.

He stated that the focus of the discussion was to potentially implement a temporary platform, which could last “…five, 10 years, or more,” and would be placed north of the current platform.

Current estimates predict that design costs would run $60,000-$100,000, and construction costs would run $500,000.

“Hopefully through the as­sistance of our legislators we’ll be able to get the funds necessary to create this temporary platform,” said Hull.

Caira noted that one compromise resolution would have the gates still come down for inbound trains, but the train would not block the roadway, in order to let emergency vehicles pass if necessary.

Board Chair Greg Ben­del thanked Represen­tative Dave Robertson, who was in attendance, for his efforts to help the town find a resolution.

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