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WILMINGTON — The Board of Selectmen unanimously voted to accept the donation of a flag pole to be located at Silver Lake. The donation comes from Rapiscan Systems, an An­dover company formerly located in Wilmington.

“Even though we are in Andover now, they didn’t respond as quickly as Lou (Cimaglia) did,” said com­pany events director, Wil­mington resident, and veteran Marcy Morse.

Morse was accompanied by Michael Frotten of the Veterans Affairs Office, who appeared on behalf of Cimaglia. Cimaglia is currently recovering from surgery.

Morse stated that she had worked closely with Department of Planning and Conservation Director Valerie Gingrich to select an appropriate spot for the flag, near the memorials on the Route 38 side of Silver Lake. The pole will require the excavation of a small hole, 24 inches deep and four inches across.

The pole itself will come from Bob’s flagpole company in Virginia. Accor­d­ing to Morse, it is designed to withstand 95 MPH winds, and will be self-illuminated with a solar light.

Members of the board thanked Morse, as well as Frotten and Cimaglia, for making the donation a possibility.

“This is a really generous idea, and we’re really ex­cited about it,” said board chair Greg Bendel.

“I know you guys (at the Veterans Affairs office) do excellent work and this is really just another example of engaging a local bu­siness,” added selectman Jonathan Eaton.

According to Morse, the Saturday following Sept. 11 is the tentative installation ceremony date.

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