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WILMINGTON — The role of the MBTA Advisory Board has been amplified, according to Selectman Mi­chael McCoy.

During the communications portion of the Sept. 9 meeting of the Board of Sel­ectmen, Town Manager Jeff Hull explained the role of the Fiscal Management and Control Board, which has been in place since 2015 and is set to expire in 2020.

The Fiscal Management and Control Board was created to oversee management, operations, and fi­nances of the MBTA in re­sponse to issues with train reliability during the winter of 2015.

“It’s not clear what exactly will happen at that point,” said Hull, with regards to the impending expiration.

He added that the advisory board was scheduled to meet on Sept. 17.

Selectman Jonathan Ea­ton asked whether the creation of this new board had “pulled some teeth” from the MBTA Advisory Board.

McCoy responded that he had been in communication with executive director of the MBTA Advisory Board Paul Regan, and that the current intention is to re­turn influence and responsibility to that body.

“I think we know better what’s going on out here in our home community than folks in the city… so we’d have a say,” said McCoy.

Eaton thanked McCoy for the clarification and added that he would be reaching out to him, “to bring to your attention some of the issues that a lot of the folks that live in town have experienced recently with the MBTA, particularly in the past four months.”

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