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WILMINGTON — The Wilmington Board of Selectmen has voted to approve a change of of­ficers/directors/LLC managers and alteration of premises for an all alcohol-restaurant license for Michael’s Place Restaurant. The update was approved by the four members of the board present; Sel­ectman and former owner of the business Michael McCoy recused himself from the vote.

Though McCoy no lon­ger owns the restaurant itself, he does still own the plot of land that it sits on.

This vote comes in the aftermath of a site renovation, which added a bar to the facility. The restaurant’s hours and dining room menu re­main the same.

The vote was preceded by a public hearing, during which the board and members of the community were free to ask questions of restaurant representatives. Pre­sent were Sohan Saini and his attorney, on behalf of Sumanbeera, Inc., the company that runs the restaurant. The business is currently owned by Beera Ram.

The restaurant held a soft re-opening on Sept. 17. It closed for a few days, beginning on Sept. 22, in order to take in­ventory of food and beverages and replenish supplies.

Selectman Jomarie O’Mahony asked if any abutters were present, to which none came for­ward.

The business will likely come before the town again in the near fu­ture, in order to acquire an entertainment li­cense. The restaurant has a jukebox, for which the owner has not yet ap­plied for a permit to use.

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