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WILMINGTON — Wil­mington’s AdviniaCare is no longer a COVID-19 treat­ment center and currently have zero positive cases. AdviniaCare Admin­­istrator John Benedetti shared how the facility has worked hard to protect their residents and help them regain a sense of normalcy as they re­sume regular operations.

The nursing home first became a COVID-19 treatment facility in April in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, allowing seniors to be transferred from the hospital specifically for COVID recovery treatment.

“The state had asked us if we would help them and help alleviate the need for seniors to be treated in the hospital,” Benedetti said.

The highest number of positive cases that he said they ever had at one time was 112.

Since April, 83 patients have recovered from the coronavirus at AdviniaCare, said spokesperson Alex Villanueva. Villanue­va described how all coronavirus positive patients were treated in the isolated unit for recovery care.

“They had already made it past the most difficult stages of the virus,” he said.

Some of the care given to these patients includes oxygen management, monitoring of symptoms, vital signs, and fluid intake, and anything else following CDC and DPH guidelines.

While they’re no longer accepting seniors just in need of COVID treatment, Benedetti explained that the facility will continue to accept new COVID positive residents. They currently have zero positive cases.

“There has been some misconception in the in­dustry where some people think, ‘if I go into a nursing facility, I’ll catch CO­VID,’” Benedetti continued. “The bottom line is: we have systems and pro­cesses to keep people safe.”

New residents will be tested for COVID, quarantined for 14 days, monitored for symptoms, and provided whatever PPE they need in the process. They also regularly test everyone in-house.

AdviniaCare’s policies have been updated accor­ding to the state’s guidelines so as to help their 65 residents find a “new normal.” The visitation policy has expanded to include virtual and now outdoor visits in coordination with the DPH, although they haven’t allowed indoor vis­its which were also approved. Benedetti also mentioned that the dining room and salon have been reopened for residents who are willing to socially distance.

Another consideration that helps residents feel safe is making sure that all 114 staff members are given the PPE and trainings that they need in order to connect with the residents. Not only does he see that residents are adjusting well and making connections, he also sees that the staff truly feels called to help others and confident in their ability to do so.

“There is a deep bond that our staff form with residents,” he added. “This is their home. They be­come family.”

Benedetti feels they’re fully ready for more residents to make their home at AdviniaCare for whatever end-of-life care that they need because of the high level of comfort and care that staff is able to provide.

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