Wilmington resident Nicholas Rocco

Wilmington resident Nicholas Rocco                                      (Courtesy photo)

WILMINGTON — On Fri­day June 14, a Wil­mington couple was featured on the HGTV show “My Lottery Dream Home.” Originally from Medford, Nicholas Rocco won a million dollars as the grand prize winner of the Massachu­setts Lottery’s “The Fast Road To $1 Million” instant ticket game. He purchased the ticket locally in Wil­ming­ton, at the Wilming­ton Nouria inside the Shell Gas Station at the Main Street/Lowell Street split.

He chose to collect his winnings as a one time payment of $650,000, which he and his fiance Jenna de­cided to put towards moving out of their rental and into a suburban home to raise their two young daughters.

On the show, the couple were shown three homes in the Wilmington/Tewks­bury area, by David Brom­stad. Two of the homes were in Tewksbury, and one was in Wilmington. Their budget was $500,000, and each house they look­ed at was listed below this price point.

Ultimately, they decided to purchase the final house they saw, which was located in Wilmington. Despite be­ing located in a busier neighborhood, the house had many of the things on the couple’s wishlist. These include an updated kitchen, a large yard, open space, and, ideally, located in Wilmington.

Ultimately, they purchased their home for under the asking price, spending $465,000 in total. At the end of the episode, the couple said they and their daughters loved their new home, and looked forward to their future there.

The episode featuring Nick Rocco and Jenna, entitled “Make Me a Millionaire,” can be watched on the HGTV website with an HGTV ac­count at the following link: https://watch.hgtv.com/tv-shows/my-lottery-dream-home. The episode may also be available on some On Demand services, as well as airing as a rerun on HGTV.

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