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WILMINGTON — Last Thursday, Wilmington Su­perintendent of Schools Dr. Glenn Brand sent a letter to parents of students af­fected in a data breach of an academic testing system that contained student information. According to the letter, the system breached is cal­led the AIMS Web 1.0 system and it’s run by a software maker called Pear­son.

A Pearson customer notification from Director of Me­dia Relations Scott Over­land on July 31 explains, “the exposed data was isolated to first name, last name, and in some instan­ces may include date of birth and/or email ad­dress.”

Overland wrote in an email that none of these are complete student ac­counts or records. While they estimate approximately 13,000 school and university accounts were affected by the data breach, Pear­son could not provide a number of students affected.

Students in Wilmington Public Schools who were enrolled in the AIMS Web 1.0 testing system are in grades kindergarten through three. Director of Technology and Digital Learning Kenneth Lord is quoted in the superintendent’s letter explaining that the company told them that the breached data did not affect any grade or as­sessment information.

Overland clarified, “the FBI has informed us none of the data has been misused and Pearson was not the primary or intended target of this data breach.”

Pearson officially apologized to customers and offered complimentary cre­dit monitoring services as a precautionary measure. The statement also said that Pearson had already identified and fixed the vulnerability within the system by the time it was an­nounced.

Brand wrote in an email to the Town Crier declining to comment further, as the information sent to parents and guardians who may have been involved was sufficient.

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