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WILMINGTON — This fall, Erika Johnson, Chair of the Wilmington Demo­cratic Town Committee, will be a candidate in the upcoming race to fill Jim Miceli’s seat on the Mas­sachusetts House of Rep­resentatives.

A Wilmington High School graduate, Johnson has been interested in politics since childhood. Identifying as a Progres­sive Democrat, she ma­jored in Political Science in college at Roger Wil­liams University. While in college, she worked closely with local politics, participating in an independent study in Barrington, RI where she worked on an in-depth policy study on a proposed plastic bag ban, similar to a plan that recently passed in Wilmington.

On her school breaks, she also interned with Rep. Miceli. Within this internship, she performed tasks such as summarizing legislation, tracking bills through committees, working with state and federal agencies, and helping with constituent services.

During college, Johnson also participated in a variety of organizations associated with politics. She was greatly involved with the College Democrats, where her duties included advancing progressive policies on campus and participating in debates with the College Republicans. Her junior year, she spent a semester in Washington D.C., where she took classes and interned at the U.S. Capitol.

She was also elected to Student Government her junior and senior year, and she was appointed Student Af­fairs chair serving as the voice of the student body to the administration, senior year. As she brings forth much experience working within the political sphere at a young age, Johnson be­lieves she can provide a fresh perspective on local issues, as well as insinuate positive change.

“With the way the political climate is shifting, I think it is time for a new, young, in­novative perspective,” she said.

If elected, Johnson plans on utilizing her experience with the Wilmington Demo­cratic Town Committee in order to be successful. Through her work as the organization’s chair, she feels that she was able to interact and collaborate with residents as well as elected officials to organize events and fundraisers.

By collaborating with constituents, she hopes to follow the example set by Rep. Miceli in working on issues important to the people.

Regarding her goals if elected, she plans on focusing on issues greatly impacting the towns of Wilmington and Tewksbury, such as im­proving the public education system, pushing for Paid Family Leave, and working to mitigate traffic and im­prove the quality of Route 38. She plans on working with the needs of the community above all, striving to do what they want and what is best for them.

“I want to be the representative that listens more than I speak and who hears diverse opinions before making ma­jor legislative decisions,” she said. “I will be a voice for our communities and make decisions with current and future generations in mind.”

For more information on Johnson’s campaign, visit her Facebook page:

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