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WILMINGTON — Next Tuesday, Wilmington’s registered voters can enter their respective locations from 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. to cast their votes for the midterm election. Pre­cincts 1 and 2 will vote at the Boutwell School; pre­cincts 3 and 4 at the Wild­wood Street School; and precincts 5 and 6 at the Town Hall.

Precinct 3 voters have their own separate ballot, and the Town Clerk’s Of­fice reminds these residents not to take a ballot for one of the other pre­cincts. They’ll find the only difference to be the Repre­sentative in General Court in the 21st Middlesex Dis­trict on their ballot — the only candidate being Ken­neth Gordon — as opposed to the 19th district for pre­cincts 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6. Residents in the remaining precincts will choose be­tween Pina Prinzivalli, David Robertson, and Pat­ricia Meuse for their Gen­er­al Court representative.

The rest of the ballots will be the same in all pre­cincts. For Senator in Con­gress, the candidates are Elizabeth Warren (D), Geoff Diehl (R), and Shiva Ayyadurai (I). Governor and Lieutenant Governor candidates are Charlie Baker and Karyn Polito (R); and Jay Gonzalez and Quen­tin Palfrey (D). Attorney General candidates include Maura Healey (D) and James McMahon (R).

Next, the candidates for Treasurer are Deborah Gold­berg (D), Keiko Orrall (R), and Jamie Guerin (J). Sec­retary of State candidates are William Francis Galvin (D), Anthony Amore (R), and Juan Sanchez Jr. (J). There are four candidates for Auditor: Suzanne Bump (D), Helen Brady (R), Dan­iel Fishman (LP), and Ed­ward Stamas (J).

Seth Moulton (D), Joseph Schneider (R), and Mary Jean Charbonneau (I) compete for Representatives in Congress for the 6th Middle­sex District. For Councilor, there’s Eileen R. Duff (D), Richard Baker (R), and Marc Mercier (LP). Register of Deeds candidates are Rich­ard Howe, Jr. (D) and Karen Cassella who’s unenrolled. Finally, for single candidates, there’s Marian Ryan (D) for District Attorney; Mi­chael Sullivan (D) for Clerk of Courts; and Bruce Tarr (R) for Senator in General Court.

After all of the position elections, voters will choose either yes or no on three Mas­sachusetts ballot questions. The first ballot question is the approval of a law proposed by initiative petition, which would limit how many patients can be assign­ed per registered nurse in hospitals and other health care facilities in Massachu­setts. The proposed law also lists all of the ways that this patient limit would vary.

Ballot question 2 is also a law by initiative petition, which would create a citizens commission to recommend amendments to the U.S. Constitution. The commission would focus on making campaign contributions regulated and establishing that corporations don’t have the same rights as human be­ings. The third and last question is a referendum to an existing law, wherein the current law, prohibiting discrimination based on gender iden­tity in public places, may be approved or repealed. Vo­ting yes is to keep the law as it is and no is to repeal it.

The office of the Town Clerk reports that the town of Wilmington has over 15,000 registered voters who could also have participated in early or absentee voting or may cast their vote next Tuesday. They’ve given out 1,365 early voting ballots and 370 absentee ballots either in person or by mail. Early voting at the Town Hall concluded on Tuesday.

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