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WILMINGTON — By a 4-1 vote, the Wilmington Board of Selectmen has chosen Bryan Perry as Town Accountant. Perry currently serves as City Auditor of Lowell.

Perry and Tyngsboro Town Treasurer/Collector Jennifer Finnigan were the two finalists for the position, as chosen by the search committee. Both were interviewed by the Board of Sel­ectmen last week.

Members of the board spoke generally positively about both candidates, though several members noted that Perry’s extensive experience both in finance and accounting made him stand out.

“What really differentiated the two to me was Mr. Perry is managing a… $300,000,000 budget for the city of Lowell, which is three times our budget,” said Selectman Jomarie O’Mahony.

“We win with either of them… but I’m partial to Bryan Perry,” Selectman Kevin Caira added.

Town Manager Jeffrey Hull was careful to note that there will likely be a learning curve for Perry, as the city form of government differs from the town meeting form found in Wilmington. Perry, for in­stance, will need to learn the municipal borrowing process, which would not have been an element of his work in Lowell.

Selectman Jonathan Ea­ton was the lone vote of dissent, citing Finnigan’s detail-oriented work in Tyngsboro that led to her ability to uncover a case of fraud in the finance department soon after her appointment there.

“I think she would fit in with the different finance-related departments here a little smoother than Mr. Perry might,” said Eaton.

Eaton also noted that he had followed up with both candidates’ references, and was met with overwhelmingly positive reviews for each.

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