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WILMINGTON — The Wilmington Planning Board met on Tuesday night to vote on a number of projects and permits that have been in the proposal stage for a while, the longest running being the site plan for 66 In­dustrial Way.

Before getting to this property, the board voted to approve Form A for 100-104 West Street’s lot line moving two feet.

Next, the board agreed to continue the public hearing for 330 and 296 Bal­lardvale Street’s storm­water management and special permit requests. The project’s engineer agreed to comply with all of Town Engineer Paul Alunni’s concerns in time for next month’s meeting.

The board also considered the stormwater management permit and parking relief permit for 100 Eames St. The presenter wanted to ask the board to discuss two of the conditions prepared in the town’s draft decision in order for them to approve: the condition to install vertical granite curb where the existing driveway is abandoned, and the condition to rotate the driveway counter-clockwise 15 feet.

The board invited the town’s traffic peer reviewer to appeal for the driveway recommendation. He also shared that the traffic study found that the driveway sees traffic in and out from both directions.

Attorney Robert Peter­son, speaking for the ap­plicant, added a request for the board to reconsider the installation of a speed feedback sign in fa­vor of something cheaper. Then, he spoke for the new parking relief special permit to establish that the spaces provided are well over the site’s daily business need between the two companies located on the property.

Director of Planning and Conservation Valerie Ging­­rich confirmed the permit would only count for the two companies mentioned.

Upon the closing of the public hearing, the board agreed to approve the permits with updated conditions after removing the requirement to rotate the driveway, updating the speed feedback sign to a less expensive sign, and still requiring the vertical granite curb. The other conditions created by the board in the draft decision will remain as written.

To start the night’s public hearing about the storm­water management permit and site plan review for 66 Industrial Way, attorney Peter Sutton spoke for the abutter of the property. He brought up questions the abutter has about changes in the depth of the proposed pipe moving, the length of the project, and necessary “acknowledgement” from the abutter.

The solution he suggested involved the original applicant and abutter meeting with their engineers to come to an agreement.

Following this, Mike Field, the applicant’s at­torney, assured the board the abutter was sent the lateral plans and the change in depth is minimal. While he suggested being able to finish the pipe moving in a weekend, the applicant, Mike Cro­nin, gave a total timeline of up to two weeks.

“We’ll work around the schedule of the building employees,” he said.

Cronin also agreed there would be no blasting.

After some arguing be­tween attorneys, the abutter joined the call on Zoom. Chairman Michael Sorrentino asked what changes had been made in this process that the board hasn’t heard before.

The abutter specified he’d like to be able to get onto the property in an emergency and the new pipe should benefit the future of the property. He said he doesn’t see the proposed change as beneficial if the pipes are going 10 feet deeper into the ground while staying the same size.

“I refuse to allow somebody to move my pipes without getting my word in about the real issues,” he added.

This was before he ex­pressed his disappointment with the board should they approve the site plan review.

Sorrentino reminded the abutter he’s had ample opportunity to share his opinion and the negotiation is a private matter. The board voted to end the public hearing and then to approve the site review and stormwater management permit with several conditions, including providing the board with proof that notification of the project was sent to the abutting landowner via cer­tified mail.

As the board just voted on 100 Eames St., they didn’t need to vote on the Board of Appeals case #15-20 for the same property. They voted to approve the street sign special permit for 196 Ballardvale St. on behalf of Adam Quinn, which was brought before the board last month.

The request for the re­lease of surety for 16 Long­view Road was denied due to being too early, but the request to release the surety for 4 Leslie St. was approved in the correct amount. The request to endorse the definitive subdivision for Highland Es­tates was also approved.

To end the meeting, Ging­rich talked about the town’s grant application for funding to complete a Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Plan and a Hazard Mitigation Plan Update.

Then, Chairman Sorren­tino asked Gingrich for an update on the Woburn Street and Lowell Street construction, which she said is awaiting a design public hearing.

The next Planning Board meeting will be on Sept. 8 with proposals for that meeting due on Aug. 25.

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