WILMINGTON — When Wilmington resident Ree­gan Noble, 14, was diagnosed with Stage 3 lymphoma earlier this month, her family and friends look­ed to the community for fundraising support and made a Gofundme page on her behalf. Since then, they’ve raised more than $10,000 to help Noble’s family pay for treatments and other expenses.

Noble is an incoming fresh­man at Wilmington High School and the middle daughter of Dawn and Dan Noble. The Nobles are also parents to Tyler Noble, age 6; Ava Noble, age 11; Alexa Noble, age 16; and Morgan Breen, age 21. Breen, who helped create the Gofundme page with family friends Kayla and Alyssa Slavin, is a half-sister living with her mother and stepfather while she finishes college at SNHU.

The Gofundme page star­t­ed on Aug. 13 explains the intent of their fundraising efforts.

“[Reegan] is only 14 years old and will undergo many chemo treatments, tests, and other invasive treatments,” the page reads.

The team aims “to raise money for the obvious ex­pensive medical bills, groceries, and whatever her fa­mily may need during this tough time.”

In the two weeks that the page has been open, they’ve raised $10,125 to support Reegan Noble and family.

What the Nobles want to emphasize, as shared by Morgan Breen, is that they are amazed by the support that they’ve seen from the community so far. “I’ve been getting so many phone calls, texts, messages on Facebook and Instagram, wondering how people can donate,” Breen said.

While they are certainly upset by Reegan’s diagnosis, they’re remaining positive and the support of the community is helping them to do that.

As for her younger sister, Breen said that Reegan is OK but having a harder time dealing with her new reality.

“She’s upset obviously,” she continued. “She’s wor­ried about what the kids at school will say about her wig... she won’t look the same as she does now. We keep reminding her that no one will make fun of her for being sick.”

Breen hopes that the continued encouragement from Reegan’s close friends will help her sister to perk up going forward.

In addition to the Gofundme page, Breen and friends have started a bracelet campaign to promote their fundraising for Reegan. They’re also partnering with the Wilmington Police and Fire Departments for the 3rd annual “Guns and Hoses” Softball Game and Cornhole Tourna­ment.

The benefit planned for Sept. 15 at Town Park boasts games, raffles, entertainment, pizza, drinks, and other swag. Registration for the cornhole tournament costs $10 per team and can be paid in advance via Ven­mo to Morganbreen1 or in person on the day of the event. To donate tow­ard Reegan Noble’s treat­ment, you can go to https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-reegan-kick-cancers-a.

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Oh! Sorry to hear this bad news, hoping for your fast recovery. Nothing is impossible with God so just keep on praying.

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