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WILMINGTON — In fa­vor of getting right to the presentation about school reopening in the fall, the School Committee addres­sed all other items as quickly as possible last Wednesday night. This started with the skipping of an update from the School Committee Reor­ganization Subcommittee until their next meeting. They also quickly approv­ed minutes and warrants and omitted the second reading of the 2020 handbook.

After the presentation about school reopening end­ed, the committee considered an edition to the residency enforcement po­licy for WPS. School Com­mittee member M.J. Byrnes brought up a question about the wording, in particular the use of the term “caregiver” in the policy.

David Ragsdale clarified that this word comes di­rectly from the law, which establishes that a parent or guardian can sign an affidavit that gives the caregiver of the student certain legal rights to make education decisions. While this did not seem to quell Byrnes’ concern, she agreed to table the discussion on the matter until the next reading of the policy.

Ragsdale proposed chang­ing the rule about how often parents and guardi­ans of students in the district must reprove their residency — as it currently requires that they do so every two years.

“That’s too frequent to me,” he said.

Byrnes added that they should make sure there is a concrete timeline in­stead of leaving it open-ended. Jenn Bryson suggested editing the proposed policy to say “not less than every five years,” which the committee vo­ted to accept.

This policy will have another reading at the next School Committee meeting. The inoculation of students policy will also see another reading at that time.

Bryson next announced that the committee will be moving their planned meeting from Aug. 12 up to either Aug. 5 or 6. She asked the committee members to let her know if there were any issues or conflicts with either of these dates. This move would allow them to hear the finalized plan from the reopening committee be­fore it needs to be send to the Department of Ele­mentary and Secondary Education for Aug 10. Then, the following meeting may either be moved up a week or kept the same.

Superintendent Dr. Glenn Brand’s final announcement of the night regarded a staff book study of “White Fragility” by Robin DiAngelo thanks to a do­nation from the Massachu­setts Teachers’ Associa­tion.

“We have approximately 90 WPS staff that are or will be participating,” he said.

Brand added that the study may help those revising the strategic plan considering diversity and inclusion.

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