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WILMINGTON — Star­ting in October, flavored to­bacco products will not be available for purchase in Wilmington.

According to Health Di­rector Shelley Newhouse, Section 8 of the town’s health regulations have been edited to reflect re­cent trends in youth smoking. The newly added section 8.24 prohibits the sale of flavored tobacco products, including juuls, e-cigarettes, vaping fluid, and flavored blunts. The only flavored product still available for sale will be flavored traditional cigarettes.

“Now, with the ecigarattes, we’re just seeing more and more kids… that’s what they’re doing,” said New­house. “They’re doing the juuls, and the vaping, and anything that we can do to try to stop that, this is a way.”

The new section 8.25 limits the total number of to­bacco sale permits in town to 21, which is the number currently active. This means that, in order for an establishment to obtain a tobacco sale permit, another current holder would have to either close or let their permit expire.

In addition to new tobacco regulations, the town is also enacting regulation on re­combitant DNA technology. According to Newhouse, this is very much in line with other surrounding com­munities. Under the new policy, RDNA re­search, which is performed to gather information on disease for potential pharmaceutical products, would have to be cleared with the town for tracking purposes. A first-time permit would cost $500, and future permits would cost $100.

Newhouse cited Charles River Labs and ChemGenes as companies potentially using this technology currently.

“There will be plans that these companies will have to give us, explaining what kind of gene therapy, or R-DNA work that they’re doing, and we’ll just keep track of those,” said New­house.

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