Early voting at Wilmington Town Hall

Early voting at Wilmington Town Hall.    (photo:BruceHilliard.com)

WILMINGTON — The 2020 presidential election is happening NOW, and it is shaping to be one of the most influential and talked about elections in current history. With the flow of current events, such as the recent confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Bar­rett, and ongoing debates over the legitimacy of late-received mail-in ballots, more and more Am­ericans are urged to submit their vote by mail early, vote early in-person, or vote in-person on Nov. 3.

For Wilmington the situation is no different. Registered residents are given multiple options when it comes to performing their civic duty. For those who registered to vote before the Oct. 24 deadline, they are offer­ed to vote either through a mail-in ballot, early in-person voting, or in-person voting on Nov. 3.

For mail-in ballots, the application to apply for a mail in ballot was on Oct. 28, at 5 p.m.

Applications could be found online at the wilmingtonma.gov website. On that website, you can al­so track your ballot.

The official drop off station for all mail in ballots is at Town Hall, next to the front door. The of­ficial address is at 121 Glen Road, Wilmington MA, 01887. If you are mailing the ballot from home, mail your ballot to the address listed above (121 Glen Road).

If you are mailing in your ballot, mail it to the address at least a week before the Nov. 3 date, to ensure it arrives on time.

In order to participate in early voting, voters must report to the auditorium at Town Hall, lo­cated at 121 Glen Road. The location for all voting precincts is at this location.

Voters are reminded to maintain social distancing and wear proper face masks. Please also note that any political wear, such as shirts, hats, or masks, are not permitted at polling stations. Early voting is available be­tween Oct. 17 and Oct. 30, 2020. Hours for each day is available on the wilmingtonma.gov website.

In-person voting will al­so happen on Nov. 3, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The voting location for all precincts on that day will be at the Shriners Au­ditorium, located at 99 Fordham Road, Wilming­ton, MA, 01887. Once again, voters are reminded that no political merchandise or clothing sponsoring a specific candidate is al­lowed in voting locations.

There is more to each ballot than the presidential candidates, though that is very important. All voters will be asked about their choice of candidate for many state and national positions, as well as legislative questions.

Voters will be asked for their choice in candidate for President of the Uni­ted States and Vice Pre­sident. The options are: Republican incumbent nominee Donald Trump and Michael Pence, De­mo­cratic nominee Jo­seph Biden and Kamala Harris, Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgenson and Spike Cohen, and Green-Rainbow candidate How­ie Hawkins and Angela Walker.

Additionally, voters will be asked about their choice of MA Senator in Congress, Representative in Congress, Councillor, Senator in General Court, Representative in Gener­al Court, and Register of Probate.

The two candidates for Senator in Congress are incumbent Democratic nominee Edward Markey and Republican nominee Kevin O’Connor.

The candidates for Rep­resentative in Congress are incumbent Democra­tic nominee Seth Moul­ton, and Republican no­m­inee John Paul Moran.

The candidate for Coun­cillor is unopposed Demo­cratic incumbent Eileen R. Duff.

The candidate for Sena­tor in General Court is unopposed Republican incumbent Bruce Tarr.

The candidates for Rep­resentative in General Court are incumbent De­mocratic nominee David Robertson and Repub­lican nominee Alec DiFrus­cia.

The candidate for Re­gister of Probate is un­opposed Democratic in­cumbent Tara DeCristo­faro.

Ballot questions

There are only two questions on the ballot this year, Questions 1 & 2.

Question 1, if voted in­to effect, would, as word­ed on the sample ballot:

“provide motor vehicle owners and independent repair facilities with expanded access to wirelessly transmitted mechanical data re­lated to their vehicles’ maintenance and re­pair.”

Counter arguments point out that this may endanger domestic violence victims and may present a cybersecurity risk, as it will make ac­cessing car and driver information easier for abusers and hackers, and puts people at risk.

Question 2, if voted in­to effect, would, as word­ed on the sample ballot:

“create a system of ranked-choice voting in which voters would have the option to rank candidates in order of preference and votes would be counted in rounds, eliminating can­didates with the lowest votes until one candidate has received a ma­jority.”

Counter arguments claim that this will make voting more complex and confusing.

Voters in precinct three will also have to answer questions 3 & 4.

As stated on the sample ballot, Question 3 is as follows:

“Shall the representative for this district be instructed to vote in favor of legislation that would require Massa­chusetts to achieve 100 percent renewable en­ergy use within the next two decades, starting immediately and making significant progress within the first five years while protecting impacted workers and business?”

Additionally, Question 4 is stated on the sample ballot as follows:

“Shall the representative for this district be instructed to vote in favor of changes to the applicable House of Rep­resentative rules to make the results of all the votes in that body’s Legislative committees publicly available on the Legislature’s website?”

Voting for the 2020 election is happening NOW. If you can vote, you should absolutely vote, as it is important to make your voice heard in our government. Also keep in mind that, when you vote, you should wear a CDC approved face covering, such as a face mask, and maintain social distancing.

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