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WILMINGTON — Wil­mington welcomes a cornhole tournament, children’s entertainer, and country mu­sic band at this year’s four-day-long Fun on the Fourth celebration.

Scott Garrant, chairman of the Fourth of July Commit­tee, said traditions such as the blueberry pie eating contest, hospital bed race, and carnival will return alongside the new events.

“As the old adage goes, ‘if it’s not broken . . .,’” Garrant said. “The 2017 celebration will include all of our traditional events, which residents anticipate every year, plus the addition of a new event, a cornhole tournament on Saturday evening, a new children’s entertainer on Family Day, and for the first time, a country music band on Friday night.”

The first of the new events is the Friday evening performance by Jay Taylor Band, a group on tour from Nashville.

Family Day on Saturday fea­tures the most events, in­cluding the new family en­tertainer, Dana Perkins and Friends, and later that even­ing, the cornhole tournament.

“We're always considering new events and welcome suggestions from the community. The addition of the cornhole tournament and the inclusion of a band that plays country music were both suggestions from committee members,” Garrant said. “Any ideas for 2018 are welcome!”

The committee takes into account community feedback and works to implement suggestions in the years following.

“The feedback that we receive each year is positive and gives the members of the committee great motivation to keep the celebration for our fellow residents,” Garrant said. “The committee looks forward to the entire event, which, each year, is the culmination of 12 months of planning.”

This is only the second celebration since being back on the Town Common, which elicits excitement from committee members and residents.

“As the celebration return­ed to the Town Common area last year, some immediate abutters told us how happy they were to have it back and some others made re­quests regarding temporary fencing of their yards, limiting hours of operation for the carnival, etc. The committee, along with town officials, addressed those re­quests last year and continue to do so,” Garrant said.

“By all accounts, everything went well last year and we’re looking forward to that being the case this year.”

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