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WILMINGTON — On July 8, representatives from Analog Devices spoke to the Board of Selectmen about the status of an ex­pansion project begun ap­proximately a year ago.

In order to make the ex­pansion possible, the town last year approved a tax increment financing plan for the company that in­volved an 8-year deferment of property taxes, valued at $4.3 million. In addition, the town waived $700,000 in permitting fees. In return, Analog De­vices committed to maintaining 1,555 jobs in Wil­mington, adding 50 new jobs, and bringing in personnel from Norwood and Chelmsford locations.

“It’s not just an expansion, we’re moving our headquarters to Wilming­ton, Massachusetts,” said Mike Errera, Vice Pre­sident of Supply Chain Planning and Logistics, with reference to the plan.

Errera explained that the project involves a 75,000 square foot office building, a 50,000 square foot community space, and a parking garage with space for 600 cars.

He described the community space as an entry point for visitors and em­ployees alike.

“It’s really the hub of the campus,” he said.

Errera also provided a status update on the actual construction taking place, explaining that the structures of the buildings are basically complete, but that the interior is still being constructed. He said it is expected that the hub building will be complete by fall or winter of this year, and occupied in February or March.

He added that the office building is just behind the hub, and will be occupied in summer of 2020. At that point, staff from Norwood and then Chelmsford will begin moving to Wilmington.

Errera also highlighted sustainability initiatives, in­cluding a solar panel system on the parking garage and the continued addition of vehicle charging stations.

“We’re right on both schedule and budget at this stage, so we feel pretty good about where we’re at,” said Er­rera. “We feel like we made the right choice in terms of continuing to go long in our presence here in Wil­ming­ton.”

Board Chair Greg Bendel suggested that Analog conduct an open house to show the facility to community members, who have invested in the project.

“We’d be happy to do that… we’re going to want to show it off,” said Errera.

Members of the board thanked Errera and Analog for choosing Wilmington for the expansion.

“I wanted to thank you again for investing in Wil­mington, not just with the job expansion and job retention, but with also what appears to be a really first rate facility,” said Select­man Jonathan Eaton.

“I just want to thank you for being a great example of responsibility… partnering with the town,” added Sel­ectman Jomarie O’Mahony, who referenced Analog’s par­tnering with local schools to provide resources and robotics exposure to students.

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