IFWV accepts check from 100 Women Who Care Boston North

WHS Local Heroes' advisor Dawn Martell, IFWV's Paul Cardello and John Parker, and members of 100 Women Who Care Boston North.

(Courtesy photo)

WILMINGTON — Wil­mington’s iPods for Woun­ded Veterans received a philanthropy gift of $10,000 from 100 Women Who Care Boston North. The organization chose IFWV through a nomination process that started with iPods’ Social Media Di­rector Cindy Wurdeman. Wurdeman has been volunteering with iPods for five years and part of the group 100 Women Who Care Boston North since its creation about a year and a half ago.

100 Women Who Care Bos­ton North is a wo­men’s philanthropy group guided by the idea that 100 women pooling their do­nations can have a much greater impact on a single group — or a few per year — than if they each donated to whichever charitable organization individually. These women meet four times a year and bring a donation of $100 each to an organization chosen through a nomination process. Over the past year and a half, Wurde­man shares that they’ve donated more than $60,000 to charitable organizations in Boston North.

Out of all the nominations, 100 Women Who Care’s president Kathryn Nielsen picks three out of a hat to be presented at their quarterly meeting at Pal­mers Restaurant & Tavern in Andover.

“You have the opportunity to give a five-minute spiel on what the organization is about, what it does, why you’re fond of it, and how they make an impact,” Cindy Wurde­man explained.

She submitted IFWV’s nomination and gave a presentation for the group at their meeting on Sept. 10. After the three presentations, a vote decides what organization will be the beneficiary of their combined donations.

As a 100 Women Who Care member, she says that the beneficiary should be an organization that has a direct impact in their communities.

“After you’ve gone to VA hospitals and soldiers’ homes and heard their stories, you understand what the cost of war is to these injured servicemen and women,” she said. “These electronics help them in their recovery and helps them to communicate with their families.”

Wurdeman feels that IFWV has made a great impact and especially needs this gift since they don’t have very much yearly funding.

IFWV co-founder Paul Car­dello shared on behalf of the Wilmington organization that they’re astoun­ded to have received this donation. He said that this makes 100 Women Who Care a “medal of honor” iPods sponsor. Cardello accepted the donation from Kathryn Nielsen and other group members on WCTV last Monday. With the money donated, IFWV will be able to purchase all kinds of different electronics to give to the veterans that they visit: tablets, e-readers, Bluetooth speakers, chrome books, and more.

IFWV are getting ready for their visit to the Chel­sea Soldiers’ Home this Sat­urday from 1 - 4 p.m. They have donations and letters from Boy Scout Troop 162’s fundraiser last week; toiletry bags, gratitude scrolls, and snow­flakes from the WHS Lo­cal Heroes Club; scarves, hats, and bracelets from the Senior Center; and 80 baseball hats donated by Champion’s Choice.

“The town has really gotten involved and we’re thankful to all of the people who have donated,” Cardello continued.

The team at iPods has 11 crates of donations for the veterans that they’ll be visiting.

The iPods co-founder men­tioned that the Sol­diers’ Home is run by the State of Massachusetts, which means that its bud­get comes from the state and not the federal government. This is another reason that they’re anxious to provide electronics for all of the veterans who are receiving long-term care in Chelsea. IFWV also has a planned visit in April to the Holyoke Sol­diers’ Home, which will be sponsored by the Boy Scouts of Worcester.

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