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WILMINGTON — As the Board of Selectmen finalizes the composition of the committee to discuss the future of the Ristuccia Rink, members are seeking to keep all of their options open.

The committee is comprised of representatives from various local stakeholder groups, in addition to a selection of municipal officials.

At the suggestion of new Select­man Jomarie O’Mahony, the scope of the rink committee has been re­defined as a Rink and Recreation Facility Committee. O’Mahony no­ted that, though pricing concerns would likely be an issue, it would be worthwhile to consider adding facilities for other sports to any new construction project.

“I know a lot of different organizations in town are sending kids out of town in the winter months for their off-season training,” said O’Mahony.

She suggested basketball courts or batting ca­ges as examples to help “reach a broader demographic.”

Eaton agreed with the suggestion, but added that it was important that the town redefine the committee’s appointment accordingly so as not to violate open meeting law.

“(Redefining the ap­point­ment) just means that they have the autho­rity to go explore and re­port back to us what might be feasible and what the costs might be,” said Eaton.

Following a discussion regarding the merits of having two members of the Board of Selectmen on the Rink and Recrea­tional Facility Commit­tee, the board voted 3-2 to nominate just one member. By a 4-1 vote, the role was given to Selectman Kevin Caira; both Caira and Selectman Michael McCoy had put their names forward for the job.

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