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WILMINGTON — WCTV Executive Direc­tor Shaun Neville an­noun­ced his resignation in an email on Feb. 6. After working in this role for just over four years, Neville wrote that he’ll be pursuing a communications role at a non-profit specializing in hospice care. His last day at WCTV will be March 11.

Other motivations to leave at this time in­clude wanting to be chal­lenged in his role and to be more involved in the com­munity where he lives.

He said over the phone, “I couldn’t do justice in this role while also taking on more in Reading.”

Part of this is because his current role requires him to be fully immersed in everything going on in Wilmington.

One of Neville’s responsibilities as executive director is community relations — maintaining connections with other organizations and nonprofits in town. It’s his job to reach out to people and see if WCTV can meet their me­dia coverage needs.

“A lot of what I do is making sure that we maintain our visibility and everyone knows that we’re here to help,” Neville continued. “The station is producing content that’s important to folks and helps educate them about issues in the community.”

His proactivity with town issues has allowed him to make connections that he’s enjoyed in Wilming­ton over the past several years and help strengthen the community.

Besides reaching out to people and organizations in town, Neville’s role has required managing day-to-day operations and working with the Board of Di­rectors to take steps tow­ards the station’s strategic vision. President of the Board of Directors Steve Sabounjian shared that the executive director has met with the board on a monthly basis to create the station’s budget, provide up­dates on legislative chan­ges and station activities, and to handle any issues that may come up.

“One of the activities that Shaun did is grant writing, and looking for alternative ways of trying to raise funds,” he added.

This is because WCTV’s funding is dependent on cable TV subscriptions in town.

As he gets ready to leave in March, Neville is proud of everything that the station has taken on under his leadership.

“There is a lot more produced here by both staff and volunteers that weren’t being done when I took over four years ago,” he said.

Some of these things in­clude expanding the youth program, growing social me­dia reach, and expanding programming everywhere from community events to podcasts. The Board of Directors congratulates Ne­ville and wishes him well in this next phase of life.

At their most recent board meeting, Saboun­ji­an said that the board agreed to create a sub-committee of three board members who will conduct the search for a new executive director. They’ve pos­ted the job de­scription online, which Ne­ville helped to create, and started accepted resumes.

As they review resumes, the sub-committee will identify the best candidate, but the Board of Di­rectors will have the final vote on hiring.

The perfect candidate would have executive director or assistant director ex­perience, Sabounjian continued.

“We’d also like to see someone who would be as creative as Shaun has been in handling productions. Anybody who has a desire to learn more about TV programs in a local atmosphere.”

The board’s sub-committee has begun looking for someone to work with community organizations and bring unique ideas that move WCTV forward as a media center.

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