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WILMINGTON — During the Board of Selectmen’s meeting on Monday night, they recognized the need to reformat due to the el­ec­tion the previous Sat­ur­day. Since former Select­man and Chair Jonathan Eaton had not run for re-election, former chair Greg Bendel led the meeting. He explained that the board would be making new chairman nominations at their next meeting.

The newly assembled board, including its new­est member Lilia Maselli, unanimously approved the requests of Charles Ug­lietto for a flammable li­cense for 36 Jonspin Road and of Nilesh Patel to be­come the 100 percent share­holder for Wilming­ton Wine and Spirit at 258 Main St.

The former included recommendations from Buil­ding Inspector Al Spaul­ding and Director of Plan­ning and Conservation Valerie Gingrich, while the latter didn’t concern these town officials.

Later, the board received communications on the sale of Textron property, the official invitation into the Massachusetts School Building Authority for the Wildwood School, and various requests for reappoint­ment to positions.

Hull mentioned that he had inquired about the prospect of a long-term lease on the Textron property for the tennis courts and ballfields and this was good news for the town.

For the MSBA invitation, he said that the town will have 270 days from July 1 to complete a number of tasks and put aside funding for the feasibility study. This would require a special Town Meeting later this year.

Paul Bruce and Ronald DiGiorgio wrote the board requesting to be reinstated as constables. Mary Os­good and Jay Donovan both wrote the board asking for Osgood to be reappointed to the Board of Registrars.

There was also a letter received from former sel­ectman and chair Jona­than Eaton resigning from the Commission on Disa­bilities. The board nominated Selectman Gary De­Palma as their representative on the Commission on Disabilities as Eaton’s replacement.

The board then approved requests from Ariana Gil­more to use the town gazebo for a wedding on Aug. 7 and Anthony Lodato for a secondhand dealer license renewal at GameStop. They approved appointments, re-appointments, ra­tifications, and the town manager’s appointees to various positions, boards, and committees across town, including the requests received that night in communications.

Their final vote was to approve their summer meetings on July 12 and Aug. 16. Bendel remembered his first year on the board, where former Sel­ectman Judy O’Connell made a motion to change a meeting date so that he could celebrate his first wedding anniversary.

Under announcements, O’Mahony referenced the 74th anniversary of the town’s first woman on the Board of Selectmen, Wa­vie Drew, with that night being the first time two women sat on the board together. She welcomed newly elected Selectman Maselli and presented her with a pin. The other board members also congratulated Maselli on her election win.

DePalma asked about the process of changing the name of the board to the Select Board. Hull said he would discuss with town counsel and get back to him.

The meeting ended with the Salute to Service honoring U.S. Marine Corps Vet­eran Richard K. Hayden, who passed away recently on April 12. Bendel thanked him for his service.

Their next meeting will be on Monday, May 10 at 7 p.m.

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