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WILMINGTON — As of Tuesday night, Wilming­ton’s Planning Board will move forward with their plan to propose an article to Town Meeting that a large area around McDonald Road be re­zoned from R-60 to R-20.

Information was sent out to residents before the official proposal was made in front of residents housed within the area by the board, along with a map of the area. As explained by Plan­ning Director Valerie Gingrich for residents in the audience, the rezoning would only affect the lots in the area that remain R-60, and not the lots that have been re­zoned to R-10.

The reason this is be­ing proposed is because, according to Gingrich, a number of these types of rezoning requests come to the Planning Board every year.

“R-60 doesn’t match what’s out there,” she said. “Zoning is best done in large chunks, on an area-wide basis.”

The main differences between R-20 and R-60 is that R-60 zoning allows for lots to be subdivided into 60,000 square foot lots, whereas R-20 allows for lots to be subdivided to 20,000 square feet. There are also slightly smaller setback requirements from the edge of the lot.

To address resident con­cerns about how many lots could be subdivided per the rezoning, Gingrich didn’t have a number but estimated around 10 lots.

“There are one or two that could be subdivided easily; a few could be subdivided with some com­plication; and a few more involve tearing down a newer house in order to subdivide.”

The other comments referred to concern about making editions to houses in this area and more, smaller lots causing drainage issues.

Next steps before re­zon­ing is approved would be Gingrich submitting the zoning article for Town Meeting; the joint meeting between the Planning Board and the Finance Commit­tee to hear public comment on all of the Town Meeting articles on March 17; and the official 2/3 vote requir­ed at Town Meeting in May.

Other items on the Plan­ning Board meeting’s agenda for Tuesday invol­ved granting continuances on a number of deadlines and public hearings for site plan reviews, storm­water management permits, and definitive subdivisions.

They continued the conservation subdivision de­sign special permit for 79 Nichols St. and the site plan review, stormwater management permit, and multi-family permit for 635 Main St. Definitive subdivisions and stormwater management permits were continued for Jackie Drive and for 203 Lowell St. 28 An­dover St. and 100-110 Fordham Road site plan reviews and stormwater management permits were also continued.

The only public hearing to be closed from the night was the discussion of the site plan review and storm­water management permit for 4 & 6 Waltham St. The applicant previously re­ceived a court order for the town to allow their special permit. While the ap­plicant has at this time presented findings that the site plan review requirements previously agreed to are not required per the court order, the Planning Board ruled that the applicant shall provide the zoning by-law required for the site plan review prior to endorsement.

In new business, the board heard and voted in favor for the request to extend the completion deadline to Dec. 31, 2021 for North Wilmington Estates on behalf of Peter Nicosia, esquire for applicant. The board also voted in favor of the request in Form A, where Analog Devices wants to combine its two lots at 1 Analog Way and 804 Woburn St. in order to use a single address.

Assistant Planner Sierra Pelletier brought two Board of Appeals cases before the board. The first was for 613 Main St.’s exceeding ground­water request, and the second was for a special permit to extend nonconforming structure at 2 King St. Both cases were approved.

The Planning Board also agreed to the request to release surety for 81G ap­plication #18-01 for Sher­wood Road on behalf of Jonathan Langone. Final­ly, a few draft decisions and requests to endorse plans have been tabled to board’s next meeting, on Feb. 4, 2020 at 7:30 p.m.

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