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WILMINGTON — The $2.25 million appropriated for the Ristuccia Arena at a De­cember 2014 Special Town Meeting was specifically for that rink at that site, Town Manager Jeff Hull stated at a July 8 Board of Selectmen meeting.

Hull had indicated at a pri­or Board of Selectmen meeting that he was unsure about the level of specificity written into the 2014 vote, but that he thought there might be some flexibility in how the money could be spent. He issued his most recent comment as a correction to this statement.

Selectman Michael McCoy also spoke up to emphasize the fact that the language of the 2014 vote specified a skating rink, but also referenced “other recreational and municipal purposes.”

He conceded, however, that the saliency of this point would be dependent on fu­ture discussion.

“At the end of the day it may very well be just a rink,” he said.

Selectman Jomarie O’Ma­ho­ny thanked Hull for his research on the topic and the clarification of his point.

“I’m glad that we’re all on the same page so that the community knows that we have this committee, for this interest, for the rink, we know there’s a need for it, to explore other indoor recreational options,” she said, ref­erencing the stakeholder committee formed to discuss the site.

She noted that procedurally, any decision straying from the provisions of the 2014 vote would need to come before the town once again at Town Meeting.

“I appreciate that you put the time in to get the correct information,” O’Mahony said to Hull.

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