The Caira Family on the Feud

Cairas, from left: Michael Caira Sr., Brian Caira, Amanda Cremone-Caira, Steve Harvey (TV show host), Kristen Caira, and Michael Caira Jr.   (Courtesy photo)

WILMINGTON — On Oct. 21, a new episode of the show Family Feud will air at 8 p.m. on chan­nel 7 featuring the Caira family from Wilmington. The Cairas flew out to Los Angeles to film the episode earlier this summer after being selected through a casting pro­cess.

Brian Caira, one of the five contestants who went on the game show, was the one who brought the audition up to his brother, Michael Jr., as a joke.

“He signed us up, an­swered a few questions, and nominated a group of us,” Caira explained. “We were invited to audition.”

The group who auditioned was made up of Michael Caira Sr., Mi­chael Caira Jr. and his wife Kristen, and Brian Caira and his wife Aman­da Cremone-Caira.

At the first audition, they played a practice round of the game show — in which two teams of contestants try to name the most popular respon­ses to survey questions — against another family.

“Immediately after that, we were told that we were invited to participate in a second interview,” he continued.

There, they met with an­other casting director and were asked a few questions.

“They said if we were chosen we’d get a postcard in the next several months.”

After almost forgetting about their audition, the Cairas received a postcard in the mail with a film date. The TV show hosted by Steve Harvey flew all five of them to Los An­geles for the filming of the episode, where they competed against another fa­mily for a grand prize of $20,000.

“It was a wonderful experience. Steve Harvey was hysterical and really nice.”

Caira also said that all of the casting people, staff, coaches, and everyone else on set were terrific.

He couldn’t talk about the results of the show or anything that happened on the episode to avoid spoilers. However, he said that he enjoyed the time that he spent with his family in L.A.

Besides the five Cairas competing, Brian’s wife, Amanda’s aunt and sister flew themselves out to watch the filming and spent the weekend with them.

“The hotel we stayed at was a stone’s throw from Universal Studios, so we walked the city walk,” he shared. “And I have a buddy who got us tickets to a Dodgers game.”

The Cairas made sure to take advantage of the time they had with the people who could go.

Caira is now the most excited for everyone back home — especially his mom and his grandmother who couldn’t get to the studio — to watch the episode when it airs on the 21st at 8 p.m. on channel 7.

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