Officer Paul Chalifour

Wilmington's new Community Liaison officer, Paul Chalifour. (Courtesy photo)

WILMINGTON — Last month, Paul Chalifour was named the new community liaison officer at the Wil­mington Police Depart­ment.

Chalifour, a lifelong resident of Wilmington, is a 32-year veteran of the Wil­ming­ton Police Depart­ment. With the department, he has been a part of several notable cases. Some include the life-saving resuscitation of a man who collapsed in Dollar Tree last March, and the pursuit of an armed man at the Wilmington MBTA Commuter Rail station back in 2015.

In addition to his work on key cases with the police department, Chalifour has had great success in promoting both the history of the Wilmington Police De­partment, as well as the Town of Wilmington in gen­eral.

In 2009, he compiled and edited a history of the Wilmington Police Depart­ment that can be found on the department’s website. Alongside Officer Eric Pal­mer, he compiled a collection of historical documents and artifacts pertaining to the police de­partment that was on display at the police station.

He also published a book with Arcadia Publishing and History Press entitled Images of America: Wil­mington, featuring over 200 photographs depicting the evolution of Wilmington throughout history from a rural landscape into the growing suburb it is today.

Chalifour is also responsible for aiding in the reformation of the Wilming­ton Police Honor Guard, also alongside Officer Eric Pal­mer. The new Honor Guard made its first ap­pearance on Memorial Day 2016, and serves at official department functions, parades, and funerals.

As the Community Liai­son Officer, Chalifour’s re­sponsibilities will consist of coordinating the police department’s public outreach programs and or­ganizing activities with businesses, community groups, and residents.

Chalifour’s appointment to the position was announ­ced on the Wilmington Police Department’s Face­book page on Sept. 19.

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