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TEWKSBURY — The Tewksbury-Wilmington Elks 2070 will be hosting a veterans’ fundraiser break­­fast on Sunday, March 1 from 8 - 11:30 a.m. to benefit the nonprofit organization Op­er­ation FINALLY HOME. Darlene Lockhart, Exal­ted Ruler of the Elks 2070, is spearheading this event for the second year in a row.

The Elks has invited hon­ored speaker and World War II veteran Alfred Configli to join their lineup of guest speakers for the event. Lockhart explained that she met Configli after Tewksbury-Wilmington Elks members showed up for the service of World War II veteran James McCue from Lawrence last February. She ex­pects the veteran’s speech to be intriguing. They also look forward to having State Representative Da­vid Rob­ertson at the breakfast along with bagpipers for entertainment.

All of the benefits from the breakfast will help fund projects with Op­eration FINALLY HOME. Operation FINALLY HOME is a nonpartisan nonprofit that aims to provides home and hope to veterans and their families. They complete home updates for veterans by bringing together the right developers, buil­ders, contributors, and volunteers.

“The money goes to­w­ards accommodating peo­­ple coming home to a new life,” Lockhart said. “Some of them are paralyzed, so they need ramps, or they need doorways widened.”

They want to prevent veterans from worrying about getting back into their house or going up the stairs as they return home from overseas.

On behalf of the Wil­mington-Tewksbury Elks, Lockhart invites anyone to attend on Sunday, March 1 at 777 South St. in Tewksbury, from 8 to 11:30 a.m. to support the fundraiser. The Elks will be serving eggs, sau­sage, toast, bacon, home fries, and toast for $7 per ticket.

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