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WILMINGTON — As re­ported in last week's edition of the Town Crier, Wil­ming­ton High Athletic Director Tim Alberts has resigned to take over as Athletic Di­rec­tor at Triton Regional High School.

As of The Crier's press time last week, there had been no announcement from Wil­mington Public Schools in regards to a replacement for Mr. Alberts. Last Wed­nes­day afternoon, however, Wilming­ton Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Glenn Brand, sent an email to parents shedding some light on the administration's plans on finding that replacement, while thanking Alberts for his service to Wilmington Public Schools.

The email read, in part:

“Dear Members of the Wil­mington Community,

I am writing to share with you that Mr. Tim Alberts, Director of Athletics for the Wilmington Public Schools, has just recently accepted a position in another district for the upcoming school year. I want to take this op­portunity to extend my thanks to Mr. Alberts for his service and commitment to the Wilming­ton Public Schools over the last three years and wish him all the very best in his future endeavors.”

Brand then went on to explain that due to the timing of Albert's resignation, he will not seek a permanent replacement at this time, but rather, will come up with an interim plan, with the goal of finding a permanent replacement in the near future.

“The timing of Mr. Alberts’ departure creates a challenge for the district as we are now quite close to the opening of school. Generally speaking, key leadership searches in public schools occur during the winter months or the very early spring, at the latest, in Mas­sachusetts and executing a search during this timeframe allows a district the chance to be competitive in attracting the very best candidates. As a result, it is not my in­tention to embark upon a search to find a permanent replacement for Mr. Alberts until the winter of 2020, with an anticipated start date of July 1, 2020 or sooner. This is an important role for the community, our students and our district and I want to ensure that we have every opportunity to attract the very best candidate we can to help lead the program in the years ahead, and now is simply not the time in which to try to do this.”

Brand then assured parents that he will keep them informed as the administration works through this process. He also assured them that Wilmington students would not be adversely affected Albert's departure.

“I will now set out to establish an interim plan to oversee the department during the 2019-20 school year. Once this plan is solidified, I will be sure to share this information with you. Please know that, regardless of Mr. Al­berts’ departure, all as­pects of the athletic program, including scheduling of fall games and the hiring of coaches, will be taken care of prior to Mr. Alberts’ de­parture so there will be no interruption that will ad­versely affect the opportunity for our students to engage in these important scholastic opportunities.”

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