Brian Duggan

Brian Duggan

WILMINGTON — A future star may be developing at the junior varsity level for the Wilmington High Boys Basketball team.

On Tuesday night, the JV Wildcats took on Woburn in what was presumed to be just another game for the future Wildcats to continue to prepare to play at the varsity level. Instead, those in attendance got to see a performance for the ages by Wilmington sophomore Brian Duggan, who scored an amazing 43 points during the Wildcats 69-56 victory over the Tanners.

Wilmington JV coach Patrick Taylor saw this as another step in Duggan's rapid improvement this season

"Brian has really developed this year at the JV level. He was on the JV team last year and if you watched him play you could see the potential was there for him to be a very good basketball player," Taylor said. "The two biggest improvements I have seen in Brian from last year to this year are his shooting consistency and his strength.

"In the game yesterday, Woburn had four or five guys cover him at various points and he overpowered all of them in getting to the basket."

Duggan was outstanding from all over the court en route to his big night, as he hit seven three pointers, while going 10-for-15 from the free throw line and hitting six two-point field goals.

"When they would give him a step or two, he recognized what they were doing and would shoot the three, a testament to his court awareness of what the defense was giving him," Taylor said. "There were points in the game I just stood shaking my head because he could not be stopped and it was really special to watch. In my ten plus years of coaching it was one of, if not, the most dominant performances by an individual player I have seen at any of the three levels."

While an official stat for field goal percentage is not kept at the JV level, Taylor says that Duggan shot well over 50% on the night.

"It wasn't one of those tainted performances where a player scores 40 points on 35 shots," Taylor said. "Brian and the team have had an excellent season with a record of 8-7. Three of those wins were against large school teams (Reading, Winchester, Woburn) and in this league, no matter the level, if you are a small school beating a large school team, you take a lot of pride in it."

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