WHS' Shawn Adams was a force on the mat

Back in the early part of the decade, Shawn Adams was a force on the mat, which included finishing second at the state meet. He is one of the members of our All-Decade Wrestling team. (file photo).

WILMINGTON – Over the course of the decade, the WHS Wrestling program had two coaches, competed in two leagues (like all of the WHS teams) and like most of the other teams, had its ups and downs in terms of wins and losses.

Mike Pimental – who should be in the WHS Hall of Fame – ended his coaching career in the first four years of the decade compiling a dual meet record of 38-43 and had two wrestlers capture three combined sectional titles.

Joel McKenna took over for the 2013-'14 season and from then until the 2018-'19 season, he compiled a dual meet record of 68-88, which included sharing the Middlesex League Freedom Division league championship title in his first year. He also guided five wrestlers to league championship titles and three others to sectional championship titles.

All in all the program finished 107-131 with one league title, six individual league champions, five individual sectional champions and also had five wrestlers surpass the 100-win plateau of their careers.

Again, these picks are made by me, and qualifications include that the athletes must have stayed with the program through their senior seasons, but current athletes can qualify.


Shawn Adams: He had a terrific career, which included finishing second at the state meet during his junior season. He finished with a 105-42 record, was a Cape Ann League Champ, a sectional champ and a four-time sectional place finisher.

Gaven Carta: Carta enjoyed success on the mat which included finishing fifth at the D3 State Meet, while finishing second and twice taking fifth at the sectional meets. He finished his record at 73-45.

Alex Furlong: One of two of the decade's best wrestlers, Furlong finished as a two-time sectional champion, a four-time sectional place finisher and a two-time state place finisher. He ended his career with a 108-25 overall record.

Joe Ganley: This past season doesn't count, but before that, he captured a sectional title and placed the year before, while averaging about 25 wins a season. He is on pace to tie or break some program records this coming year.

Tom Gorman: It's pretty impressive to place at the sectional meet once, but he did it all four times of his career, finishing fifth, fourth, third and third again. He also placed eighth at the state meet during his senior year, and closed out his career with a 77-40 record.

Cody Halliday: Halliday had a sensational career, finishing with 135 wins which ranks him second all-time in the history of the program. He was also a four-time sectional place finisher, and also was a two-time state place finisher, taking third and fourth and had success at the All-State Meet picking up a few wins.

Sam Jennings: Jennings had 151 matches in his career and won 113 of them, ranking him seventh all-time in program history. He was a Middlesex League Champion, a three-time sectional place finisher, and also grabbed a seventh place at the state meet.

Fox Maxwell: He is currently enjoying a fine career at Bridgewater State, but before he got there, he along with Furlong were the two top wrestlers of the decade. He finished with 106 wins, as a sectional champion and three-time sectional place finisher, and also was the only wrestler of the decade to place at the all-states, taking fourth.

Shane Penney: Again this past year doesn't count as he upped his win total to 98, but in his first two years, he was a two-time sectional place finisher taking third and fourth, and also had an eighth place finish at the state meet as a sophomore.


• Jacob Bernard

• Patrick Carroll

• Paxton Cook

• Jon Ho

• Colin Hoffman

• Lou Larffarello

• Andy Lesperance

• Alex Ripianzi

• Nick Troy

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