WILMINGTON — It was a successful week for both the Wilmington High School boys and girls cross-country teams. The boys picked up victories over Watertown and Stoneham and the girls split against both teams, just getting edged out by the Spartans at home on Monday.

The 2-0 week for the boys puts the team at 2-2 overall.

"We were trying to get the top five finishers, but we got the top four," said head coach Brian Schell after the team's win over Stoneham on Monday. "If we want to win the (Division 4 Eastern Mass) championship and beat out teams like Newburyport, we need to do better than we did today against teams that are not as competitive as those teams at the state meet will be. I thought we did well considering the first four kids had no one pushing them, but we're going to need a lot more if we want to win in November."

Wilmington defeated Stoneham, 17-44 and had the top four finishers and seven of the top nine. Senior Greg Adamek re-broke his course record once again, coming in at 16:17 and he was followed by Owen Surette (16:56), Sean Riley (16:58) and Nolan Kennedy (17:28).

"Nolan has really progressed and today wasn't his best time, but at the mile mark he was in eighth place and he ended up getting fourth overall so he has good splits and a real good finish," said Schell. "He was able to hold off a Stoneham kid near the end and keep those guys behind him."

Alex Boehm, Joe Lydon and Jake Danieli finished seventh through ninth with respective times of 17:41, 17:49 and 18:06 respectively.

Rounding out competitors included: Sean Lydon (11th, 18:43), Dan Maienza (15th, 19:30), Brian Elderd (16th, 20:09), Zack Weinstein (18th, 20:43), Joe Hartzell (19th, 21:01), Christian Niceforo (22nd, 21:27), Matt Chisholm (23rd, 21:43), John Ware (25th, 22:28), Joe Demoura (26th, 23:31), Jeandre Abel (28th, 24:21) and Luka Smiljic (30th, 29:41).

In the 15-50 win over Watertown, a team that had just three boys, the Wildcats had the top eleven finishers and 18 of the top 20. Kennedy, (16:54), Joe Lydon (16:55) and Adamek (16:55) all finished at pretty much the same time, while, right behind them was Danieli (16:58), Surette (17:00) and Riley (17:01).

Rounding out the rest of the Wilmington runners included: Boehm (7th, 18:23), Sean Lydon (8th, 18:36), Maienza (9th, 18:37), Elderd (10th, 18:43), Hartzell (11th, 19:24), Weinstein (13th, 19:34), Chisholm (14th, 20:37), Niceforo (15th, 20:50), Demoura (17th, 22:15), Abel (18th, 22:50), Richard Stuart (19th, 23:26) and Smiljic (20th, 27:09).


On the girls’ side, Wilmington dominated Watertown, 20-39. Gianna Misuraca was the team's top performer as she finished second overall at 20:50, as she continues to get her endurance back after missing several weeks with an injury. She was followed by four teammates who took the next spots with Olivia Erler (3rd, 21:06), Katie Mclaughlin (4th, 21:29), Evelyn Miller-Nuzzo (5th, 21:30) and Carissa Rubin (6th, 22:02).

Rounding out the top ten included Gianna Spada taking ninth at 23:20 and Talina Khalil, who was tenth at 23:32.

The other five finishers included Hannah LaVita (11th, 23:42), Maggie Bourgeois (12th, 24:07), Joanne Arulraj (13th, 26:02), Ailiyah Abel (14th, 26:03) and Miriam Nelson (17th, 26:28).

Then five days later, Wilmington hosted Stoneham and was defeated, 26-30, to fall to 1-3 on the season.

"This was a big meet for the girls and the top five overall finishers was a solid pack. We finished first and second overall and collectively we had a lot of good times today, we just got edged out. I thought the girls did well, but there's still a lot of work to do," said Schell.

Erler was the top overall finisher as she came in at 21:23 and was followed by McLaughlin, who was second at 21:42 and Miller-Nuzzo, who was seventh at 22:05.

"Katie McLaughlin and Evelyn Miller Nuzzo both had their best days of the season," said Schell. "They have really built up their endurance as they are really middle distance track athletes. They both outkicked Stoneham's top runner in the last quarter-of-a-mile and also their number two runner, who also happens to be their top 800-meter runner in track so Katie and Evy will match up against her again in the winter."

Misuraca was ninth at 22:21 and was followed by Rubin (11th, 23:25), Khalil (12th, 23:53), Spada (14th, 25:41), LaVita (15th, 25:46), Bourgeois (16th, 25:54), Abel (17th, 26:23) and Arulraj (19th, 27:27).

Both the boys and girls teams will be at Burlington on Tuesday for a 4:15 pm start.

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