Jack Bowen on a power sweep

Jack Bowen on a power sweep (File photo)

Since there’s no high school football season this fall, the Town Crier has been publishing archive game stories of old WHS Football games, matching up the current week’s game. Below is the week six game from the Town Crier November 1st, 1962 edition, a 50-24 win over North Andover that saw Jack Bowen rush for 325 yards and score five touchdowns.

The Wildcats of Wilmington, in defeating the Scarlet Knights of North Andover, 50-24, last Saturday, established several records.

Halfback Jackie Bowen rushed for 325 yards and he set a new record in the Lowell Suburban Conference for touchdowns scored in one game – five. He also established a new record for touchdowns in a season – 15.

Jackie was named the Boston Traveler Star of the Week, giving Wilmington this honor for the second week in succession, quarterback Dick Allard having been last week's star.

Jackie also set the current Eastern Mass. Scoring record with 104 points in conference games and 116 overall, for the season.

Wilmington now leads, in Eastern Mass. In undefeated games, and on victories, with 16 games undefeated, and ten games in the victory class.

Wilmington, in the Lowell Suburban Conference, is the leading team for points scored in a season (180) and has tied the record for touchdowns in a game (eight) and consecutive victories (seven).

Another record was set by halfback Frankie McLaughlin – one of his own private records, when he successful made two touchdowns without having the referees drop the red flag, because of some other player being offside. It was Frankie's first and second TD of the season.

Frankie romped over the goal line on the third play of the first quarter, from the 26-yard line, after Bowen had brought the ball to that point in two plays.

North Andover's Don Morose proved to be a fine broken field runner, and junior QB Harry Wilkinson was one of the best players on the field, but the No. Andover line seemed to balk when it came to tackling Jackie. Wilkinson scored one of the touchdowns and added in a conversion.

Bowen scored five of the Wilmington TDs, McLaughlin two and Frank Perdicaro one.

It was in the second quarter that Wilmington began to romp, when Bowen went down the right side line for 49 yards, shaking off three successive defenders who tried to tackle him. He was finally thrown out of bounds at the 12 yard line, but he scored two plays later from the five.

Two quick scores followed, with Bowen making an outstanding 77-yard run for a TD, followed a few moments later by a 46-yard jaunt by Perdicaro, for another TD.

Morse, of the Scarlet Knights, in a fine exhibition of broken field running, ran 30 yards through the Wilmington team to be tackled finally on the 21 yard line. Wilkinson completed that play with a pass to Murphy, for North Andover's second TD, bringing the score to 24-16.

Bowen came back with a 40-yard run for this third TD, and for the conversion it was pass from Allard to Dave Babine, leaving Wilmington 32, North Andover 16 at halftime.

In the early part of the second half, Allard pulled his only keeper of the game, one which ended in a fumble and was recovered by North Andover. A 40-yard pass, Wilkinson to Morse, scored another touchdown for North Andover, and Ramsden of North Andover, added in the conversion, making the score 34-24.

Bowen came right back, after the kick-off, to make yardage in two plays, followed by another scamper of 31 yards by McLaughlin, his second touchdown of the game.

In the fourth period, it was Bowen again, scampering up the sideline for 25 yards. He dropped the ball at the end of the first ten yards, turned around, ran back two yards, picked it up, and continued for 15 more before he was brought down. It was almost like basketball.

His fifth TD run followed a 32-yard run, setting a new record for the Lowell Suburban League.

The Wilmington line was outstanding with Albie Hall and Dave Fuller, offering solid defense, along with Jimmy Gillis, Frank Bevilacqua and Billy Cotter.

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