North Reading resident Olivia Grabar

North Reading resident Olivia Grabar, a member of the NR/Wilmington Co-Op Girls Swim team, competes in the 100-yard butterfly event during last Wednesday’s meet against Masconomet.     (photo by Henry Pelmas).

The North Reading/Wilmington co-op girls swim team, the Wild Hornets, had two meets this week, one against Masconomet on Wednesday, January 8th, which ended in a tie 85-85, and another against Manchester Essex on Sunday, January 12th, which ended with a Manchester Essex victory, 89-82.

After these meets, the girls record is now 3-2-1.

Against Masconomet, the girls took second in the 200- yard freestyle relay as Maddie Koenig, Kelly Crossan, Oli Grabar, and Nicole Steinmeyer swam a combined 2:08.05.

In the 200-yard freestyle, Brianna Saunders-Correa took second, as she swam a 2:22.18, a new personal best.

In the 200-yard individual medley, Kristina Valenti took second, with a time of 2:28.64.

The girls took first, third, and fourth in the 50-yard freestyle, as Melanie Feffer swam a 27.71, Maddie Koenig swam a 28.47, and Kelly Crossan swam a 29.77.

For the 100-yard butterfly, the Wild Hornets claimed first and second, with Oli Grabar swimming a 1:05.3, and Nicole Steinmeyer swimming a 1:10.26.

In the 100-yard freestyle, Valenti took first, finishing with a time of 1:00.74, and Melanie Feffer took third, swimming a 1:02.69.

In the 500-yard freestyle, Erin Davis came in fourth with a time of 7:50.37

In the 200-yard freestyle relay, the team took first and third, as Maddie Koenig, Saunders-Correa, Feffer, and Valenti finished with a time of 1:54.48, and Mary Regan, Kelly Crossan, Lindsey Kane, and Joleen Weiss swam a 2:06.67.

In the 100-yard backstroke, the girls took first and third, with Koenig swimming a 1:07.07, and Kane swimming a 1:22.18.

In the 100-yard breaststroke, Grabar came in first swimming a 1:19.45, Crossan came in third with a time of 1:22.62, and Nicole Steinmeyer came in fourth, swimming a 1:25.1.

In the 400-yard freestyle relay, the girls team came in third, as Kane, Shae Fitzgerald, Rebecca Curry, and Erin Davis swam a 5:21.96.

Head Coach Sue Hunter was pleased by the teams results saying, “Masco is a big town, and typically a big player in the Cape Ann League. To tie them is incredible, especially as we did so despite a relay team being disqualified. I think this shows that we can really do well in the CAL’s meet at the end of the season.”

In their second away meet of the week, the girls team raced Manchester Essex, and lost 89-82.

The meet began with the girls taking second and fourth in the 200-yard medley relay, as Koenig, Crossan, Grabar, and Valenti swam a 2:10.03. Fitzgerald, Regan, Hannah Lord, and Wilmington’s Nikki Ekstrom swam a 2:41.21, earning fourth place.

The girls took second, third, and fourth in the 200-yard freestyle. Steinmeyer swam a 2:19.98, coming in second. Saunders-Correa swam a 2:21.82, and Feffer swam a 2:27.45.

In the 200-yard individual medley, Grabar took second, coming in at 2:34.85.

The girls took first, third, and fourth in the 50-yard freestyle, as Valenti swam a 26.65, Saunders-Correa swam a 29.27, and Kane swam a 29.47.

In the 100-yard butterfly, Grabar finished in first with a 1:06.6, and Steinmeyer came in third, swimming a 1:10.29.

In the 100-yard freestyle, the girls took second and third, with Feffer swimming a 1:03.44, and Captain Mary Regan swimming a 1:10.08.

For the 500-yard freestyle, Valenti took first, and Koenig came in third, swimming a 6:01.03 and 6:20.7, respectively.

The girls also took first and third in the 200-yard freestyle relay, as Saunders-Correa, Kane, Steinmeyer, and Feffer swam a 1:54.87, and Davis, Joleen Weiss, Fitzgerald, and Lian Juergens swam a 2:19.36.

In the 100-yard backstroke, Koenig came in second swimming a 1:08.43, and Kane came in fourth, swimming a 1:24.21.

In the 100-yard breaststroke, Crossan came in third, swimming a 1:27.12.

Finally, the girls took second and fourth in the 400-yard freestyle relay, as Grabar, Feffer, Koenig, and Valenti swam a 4:08.39, and Davis, Ekstrom, Weiss, and Rebecca Curry swam a 5:16.97.

After a close loss to Manchester Essex, Coach Hunter explained, “We truly are showing that we are a potential competitor for a high place at CAL’s. Manchester Essex and Masconomet are often two of the best teams in the Cape Ann League, and by showing that we are right up there with them skill-wise, we are proving ourselves to be one of the strongest team’s in the League.”

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