WOBURN - The Woburn Police Department has suggested a solution for solving many police problems at Woburn’s 12 hotels i.e. form a hotel owners coalition.

Captain John Murphy at the latest meeting of the Woburn License Commission told the city’s hotel owners the Woburn Police Department is tired and strapped out as runs to hotels keep mounting.

In fact, the Woburn License Commission has responded by approving fines for hotels in excess of 10 calls in a year.

The issue of calls has been a constant one at the Woburn License Commission meetings in recent years and now Capt. Murphy has suggested to the owners of the hotels a hotel coalition be formed.

The unusual step by the Woburn PD comes as more and more calls also means the danger of walking into very hostile situations for the Woburn PD officers who regularly go to the hotels, the rooms and the restaurant/bars associated with many of the hotels.

“We are sick and tired of it all,” says License Commission Chairman Thomas Skeffington.

Back in September, Skeffington said he thought the city had a “pretty good grip on unwanted activities in the hotels but now things have changed.” He said Capt.Murphy had given him an updated report on calls “but now it seems like some of those issues are arising again.”

Also at the October meeting, Skeffington expressed his discouragement over the major rise in calls with police officer safety now a major issue.

Captain Murphy described the calls as “outrageous.”

The License Commission was provided with a major list of calls. “What the city is going to end up with is a dead police officer,” said Skeffington.

The entire two-months of concerns have led to a call report with the following:

Extended Stay 52

Red Roof Inn 50

Crowne Plaza 48

Hilton 15

Comfort Inn 12

Fairfield Inn 12

Marriott at 70 Unicorn Park 12

Holiday Inn 11

Marriott Presidential Way 7

Sonesta 3

Hampton Inn 1

On October 20th, all the city liquor license holders like hotels, restaurants, clubs and others attended an annual review with the License Commission and Captain Murphy used the time to also come forward with a lot of concern for responding police officers and perhaps a way to address the problem: a coalition of owners.

He also hit on a point that it doesn’t take long for things to “spiral out of control.”

In September, the License Commission approved the following to address the issue, as follows:

0-10 calls, no fine

11-15 $100

16-40 $500

40+ The the licensee would have to appear before the License Com. to keep their license, including revocation of their innkeeper’s license.

The rule will go into effect on January 1, 2023.

Several days ago, Capt. Murphy addressed the issue again with a full house of licensees sitting and standing in the City Council Chamber of City Hall on a theme if “one gets better, others get better.” He urged hotel/restaurant owners to “start talking together” and to resolve issues causing problems.

“It is a responsibility to start walking together:, including call him or the Woburn PD with problems and on a fact “getting there and don’t walk in the blind.”

“The emphasis is on you guys,” he told the group, citing the fact it is a different world in this COVID period of time. “Also, it is a different world on Friday and Saturday night at restaurants and hotels” with more emphasis (not less) be taken into account. “It’s time to get back to reality.”

And, on with a coalition of some kind, Murphy said, “I want to do it - I’ll help…and I will work with you.”

Ch’m Skeffington pointed to the fact the Woburn Police Dept. can have as many as 71 calls a month, as indicated in a recent report.

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People get nervous when Im behind them. Ive said on another forum, I get nervous when cop cars are behind me off duty.

I drive a Crown Vic. Not at all as fast as many people thing they are. Chevy Silverado has a quicker 0-60 time.

Weird how all cops for some reason stuff IDs they take and put them in the dash light. Most states dont let you have more than one form of state issued ID. So if you have your old permit, an old drivers license, and your current DL, ill ask to take the old two.

More of an asshole if they are bored? Very possible. Some cops are just assholes all the time though.


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