The Connor’s Kindness Project

CONNOR’S KINDNESS PROJECT EXTENDS TO WOBURN POLICE DEPARTMENT - The Connor’s Kindness Project, over seen by 12-year-old Connor Wright (second from right), extended its program to include Kindness Kits to the Woburn Pollice Department. The effort was assisted by Eileen Doherty (left) of Lamacchia Realty in Woburn. The 25 kits will be given to young children by the police during times of need. Also assisting with the effort are Officer Kylie Lally (second from left) and Police Chief Robert Rufo (right).

WOBURN - Connor’s Kindness Project (CKP), in collaboration with Eileen Doherty of Lamacchia Realty, delivered 25 Kindness Kits to Woburn Police Officer Kylie Lally and Woburn Police Chief Robert Rufo.

The kits for this project, which were funded by Eileen Doherty, will be used by the police department as needed in dealing with challenging situations involving children.

The kits are filled with a teddy bear, Pop It, coloring book, crayons, comfy socks and a small fleece blanket.

Connor Wright, founder of CKP, stated “We are excited to collaborate with the Woburn Police Department and Eileen on this important project. We are always looking for new ways to help spread kindness.”

CKP was founded in 2021 by 12-year-old Connor alongside his grandmother Sharon McLaughlin Marrama and mother Erica Wright, both Woburn natives. Its primary mission is to deliver Kindness Kits to children in Boston area hospitals and shelters.

The mission has grown quite rapidly and will kick off 2022 serving central Massachusetts as well. Connor stated that he would love to see his non-profit grow to the point that every child in a Massachusetts area hospitals and shelters receives a Kindness Kit.

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