WOBURN - The issue of police activity at the city's 12 local hotels has come to a head with the Woburn License Commission as the large number of police calls need to be addressed.

Woburn Police Captain John Murphy offered similar concerns as calls increase with something needing to be done.

In turn, the two met and suggested a new city Ordinance to address the crisis with penalties attached for hotel owners.

“We have a lot of them,” remarked Captain Murphy in a formal meeting of the License Commission “regarding police activity at hotels.”

The License Commission including Chairman Thomas Skeffington, David Gilgun and William Pappalardo, strongly agreed with Capt. Murphy and have suggested an Ordinance for the City Council to address to help to control the problem.

The suggested Ordinance would allow 10 “free” calls to hotels by police but would attach a fine for “over 10 calls within a six-month period.”

Currently, police answer calls like many others in the city without a charge.

The suggested Ordinance would have no cost for 1-10 calls but would add a $100 fine for 11-15 calls and $500 for 16-45 or more in a six-month period like from January to June.

The Woburn City Council would ultimately be the one to make such a decision and access specific fines.

In a recent, formal meeting in City Hall before the License Commission, Capt. Murphy revealed a list of recent calls that included:

Extended Stay - 52

Red Roof Inn - 50

Crowne Plaza - 48

Hilton - 25

Comfort Inn - 12

Fairfield Inn- 12

Marriott, 700 Unicorn Park - 12

Holiday Inn - 11

Marriott, 300 Presidential Way - 7

Sonesta - 3

Hampton Inn - 1

Extended Stay is in North Woburn off Main Street just beyond Route. 128 and “the Roof” is at 19 Commerce Way at he busy Route 128 (I-95) and I-93 interchange.

“We have a long list,” lamented Murphy.

The hotels, he said, do take up much time for the Woburn Police Department.

Ch’m. Skeffington called the entire situation “outrageous” and the three members noted the License Commission gave out hotel permits and liquor licenses with the hope all would go well.

“We are going backwards,” remarked Skeffington.

Murphy concurred and said many of the problems are “long term.”

“It is a new phenomena for us and we call the managers in and start over again. We have a lot of them.”

Commissioner Pappalardo noted the hotel issues “do spike” but said he recognized the situation is now a major problem.

Commissioner Gilgun went as far as saying the hotels “need a security guard.”

Capt. Murphy noted the problem is one that needs to be addressed and controlled.

“We have no idea in most cases of what we are walking into,” said Murphy in an urgent plea to do something.

Skeffington suggested an Ordinance “to try it” with more responsibility put on hotel managers and Gilgun concurred, saying, “let’s move ahead.”

Pappalardo echoed similar sentiments in that “I fully support what you are saying,” and Gilgun said that he “is concerned for the citizens of Woburn, like cases of people jumping out windows.”

“After 40 (calls) come to us,” Gilgun said a goal should be to set the controls in place for 2023.

Chairman Skeffington urged all to go forward by Jan. 1.

“It’s a fine system,” he said.

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