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WILMINGTON — Tues­day night, the Planning Board approved two form A requests, moved forward with various building projects, and approv­ed all of the proposals under new business.

The two form A re­quests regarded 14 & 16R Hillside Way and 326 Bal­lardvale St. The applicants at 14 & 16R Hillside Way were simply request­ing to adjust the lot lines because the properties weren’t accurately re­flec­ted. At 326 Ballard­vale St., the lot was proposed for a warehouse. Both forms were approv­ed.

Attorney Robert Peter­son Sr. spoke on behalf of the site plan review, storm­water management permit, parking relief special permit, and groundwater protection district special permit for 225 Andover St. He named some updates made in­cluding the relocation of exterior doors and adding security fencing around the perimeter. He also said that there were still some details on the project to be worked out with Town Engineer Paul Alun­ni.

The board extended this public hearing to their next meeting on July 5.

The next appointment was to continue the site plan review for Verizon. Ellen Freyman, esquire, discussed the signoff from town counsel on the site plan and conclusion that Verizon addressed all of the technical comments.

Planning Board Chair­man Terence Boland went back and forth with Frey­man, explaining that Ve­rizon’s engineer brought up issues with the tower to be addressed by the tower owner and whether that could be made as a condition on the board’s approval. However, he said he didn’t see it holding up Verizon’s work, so the board simply closed the hearing but would need another month to provide draft decisions.

The board then continued the public hearing on 11 Commonwealth Ave. and a request of an 81G and stormwater management permit. The representatives noted they ad­dressed curbing and pave­ment. They explained how there would be specific new ponding for stormwater runoff and fill piles removed from the property. Director of Planning and Conserva­tion Valerie Gingrich said that there would be one more condition to be added from Alunni’s recommendations relative to the drainage pattern.

Several residents spoke up about this property due to the drainage issues in the area. Gingrich clarified that the design is only required to keep water from 11 Common­wealth Ave. from running onto the surrounding pro­perties, not fix the drain­age issues of those other properties.

“The town engineer looks at the existing drainage pattern to make sure it isn’t being disrupted in a negative way,” she continued.

This means that the current issues in the area would not change. The board closed the public hearing on this matter and promised draft decisions for their next meeting.

Updates from 30 Upton Drive pertained to the addition of sidewalks and crosswalks, altering the positioning of loading docks, improving parking lot landscaping, and creating a vegetated wall. The representative for the project said that they were still working on fire department connections. The board continued this public hearing.

With 278 Lowell St., the board heard about up­dates on cache basins, landscaping with evergreen trees, and lowering the height of the wall and lighting. Residents who commented took issue with the height of the fence and the removal of natural buffer trees. They also didn’t want to see a fence go up so close to their property lines.

One resident in particular challenged the zoning of the proposed business made by the building in­spector. Gingrich directed them to the appropriate avenue for that concern.

The applicants also ex­plained how they would need at most 19 parking spaces but proposed 23. The board continued this public hearing also.

Draft decisions were prepared for 46 & 53 Jon­spin Road that night, so the public hearing was closed after the representative explained that they altered the crosswalk and added a light pole. Draft decisions were also prepared in advance regarding 26 Upton Drive’s two proposals for Verizon and T-Mobile to add three antennas to their existing cell towers and the public hearing was closed.

­The site plan and storm­water management permit requested at 910 Salem St. involved replacing two as­phalt tanks with one 33,000-gallon tank. Attorney Pe­terson described how the new tank would be built in a new area with less im­pervious space and meet all of the town’s requirements. He and other representatives for the project assuaged residents concerned about the smell and the look of the tank.

Draft decisions would be brought for the next meeting.

While there were two Board of Appeals items proposed for the board to indicate their opinion, Gingrich only provided an update on 100 West St. She shared that the Zoning Board of Ap­peals hearing for this property would be on June 27, and until then, town staff and consultants were setting up traffic and stormwater study peer reviews. They recommended appro­val for the matter of 4 Do­rothy Ave. and its proposed additions.

Under new business, the board approved a request to release building lot 16 in Highland Estates, a request to endorse the site plan re­view for 201 Lowell St., and three requests for waived site plan reviews at 77 Eames St., 195 Main St., and 40-50 Fordham Road.

The request for 195 Main St. was for rebranding and exterior work on the Dun­kin’ location. The applicant at 40-50 Fordham Road on­ly wanted to create a ramp for building access. The ap­plicant at 77 Eames St. would put in a fence.

The other item the board discussed was the proposed 40B project at 79 Nichols St. Gingrich ex­plain­ed that while she in­tended this time for re­ceiving comments from the board on the project, she heard from their Mass Housing representative that day. The update said that Mass Housing would be asking the applicant for al­ternatives with a housing style that would better fit the neighborhood.

Therefore, Gingrich said that the town would be in­vited into a new comment letter and comment period once a revised plan was provided to Mass Housing.

The next Planning Board meeting will be July 5 at 7:30 p.m.

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